Our menu

Our dieticians are constantly modifying and improving our menu so that our meals are varied, balanced and colourful. Meals prepared by our chef are tasty, rich in nutrition and low in calories. We pack them in disposable, aesthetic containers and deliver to you every morning at an agreed time.
Check our sample menus and try one of our diets to lose weight in an efficient but tasty and easy way.

At present we offer the following diet plans:

1000 - calorie diet - this is the healthiest type of diet, which is based on a daily calorie decrease. This way we achieve negative energy balance, which allows you to lose weight. In this diet we use mainly low fat dairy products, poultry and lots of fruit and vegetables. Red meat, fat cheeses, animal fats and sweet drinks and confection are strictly limited. There are no medical reasons against this diet as it provides all of the necessary nutrition. Its great advantage is quick and efficient weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

1200 - calorie diet - is less rigorous than 1000 calories diet, also covers the body's need for macro-and micronutrients. Increased caloric content in relation to the 1000 calorie diet supports a strong will and on the other hand still allows you to lose kilograms. It is based on low-fat products, provides nutritious protein, and carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber - improving its metabolic rate.

1500 - calorie diet - is mainly aimed at men, physically active women and growing teenagers. Combining the 1500 calorie diet with physical activity will result in weight lost and maintaining the lower weight. It is also a good choice for customers who have lost weight on the 1000-calorie diet and want to maintain the results.

2000 - calorie diet - when losing weight is not your main goal, we recommend the 2000-calorie diet, which is best for everyone who wants to eat healthily. Eating meals regularly delivered by us will help to balance the processes in the digestive system and eliminate any possible problems connected with it. This diet is best for men who regularly go to the gym and don't have time to prepare fully nutritious meal with the right amount of energy, and whose aim is to lose weight.

Vegetarian diet - diet for vegetarians, available in 1000, 1500 and 2000-calorie versions. All types of meat and fish have been excluded. If the customer wishes, we can add fish to this diet. To avoid protein deficit the diet is rich in legumes such as soybeans, chicory, and lentils. These products are also rich in cellulose, which regulates digestive processes, and also B vitamins. Lose weight with our vegetarian diet rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is especially important for people with heart problems.

Gluten-free Diet - is reduced calorie diet based on the principles of healthy eating, composed on the basis of gluten-free products. Diet is addressed primarily to the people who have to improve their health and those who for various reasons want or need to reduce the intake of gluten. Also works well for Hashimoto's disease, and other autoimmune diseases. We restrict products which are the source of gluten, such as wheat, barley and rye. In their place we use gluten-based counterparts e.g. amarantusie, buckwheat, corn, millet or rice.
Despite composing meals based on gluten-free products, great attention to separation processes of preparing meals of gluten-free diet as well as maintaining high awareness of team cooks, there may be little likelihood of trace amounts of gluten in some meals, so we do not recommend this diet for a strong food allergy celiac disease or gluten.

Montignac Diet - this diet requires patience, as weight loss is slower, but it is more permanent. This weight-loss plan is based on products with a low glycaemic index (GI). Glycaemic index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. This diet is rich in natural products, which have a lower GI in comparison with products after heat treatment. Adequately composed products are more important than the number of calories.

Anti-cellulite Diet - this diet is the way to make your body smooth and firm. It contains products rich in nutrition such us low-fat dairy products, lean meats and cereals rich in fibre, which helps with digestion. There are no fatty and spicy meals, which retain water in the body. In addition, there are diuretic products which prevents the development of orange peel. The high level of potassium in this diet significantly reduces edema. While designing this diet we focused not only on weight loss, but also on making the skin smooth.

Diabetic Diet - With diabetes the diet is one of the most important factors in achieving a positive medical treatment outcome. It allows regulation of the sugar level in blood and support of treatment with anti-diabetics or insulin. This diet helps to achieve the appropriate body weight, which reduces the risk of complications. There are no fatty or hard to digest foods in the diabetic diet, which also allows for weight loss. Easily digestible carbohydrates are also limited. Meals are rich in nutrition to avoid vitamin and mineral supplementation. This diet can be used to help lose weight or to maintain achieved weight loss.