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Every day providers will deliver to your door box diet, made up of five balanced meals. The special packaging will allow you to keep your food hygienically and to warm up the next day with a microwave. With modern packaging, meals will remain fresh for the required period of time. With our company you can also count on flexible delivery times that will meet your requirements.

We deliver outside the designated zones. When your address is outside the free delivery zone - please contact us. The cost of such delivery will be determined individually.

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Box Diet in Bielsku Podlaskim

Are you looking for a fresh and tasty diet in Bielsko Podlaskie? Wygodna dieta every day provides 5 well-balanced meals straight to your door. You can take meals with you wherever you want. During the order you are under constant care of a nutritionist, who is at your disposal 7 days a week. The specialist will help you choose the right diet and answer all your questions. Dietitian will also ask you about your age, weight and height, as well as the level of physical activity,  the nature of work and your medical conditions. On this basis, he will propose a diet tailored to your body’s needs.

Tasty and good box diet

Every day we follow culinary trends and develop new recipes. We create out of love for food. This way you can enjoy the taste of the best dishes. We also draw inspiration from distant corners of the world. Meals are varied, so you can be sure that your diet will not be monotonous. In our menu you will also find dessert substitutes that are natural, low in calories and well-balanced. We believe that a diet does not have to be associated with hunger. With us you will not really feel that you are on a diet and your weight will decrease.

Safe box diet with certificate in Bielsko Podlaskie

Our dietary catering services have a valid HACCP certificate. The safety of the food we produce is a priority for us, so you can be sure that your meals will always be fresh and prepared from high quality products. Read more about our HACCP certificate here.

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