Diet catering - Wrocław and surroundings - (22) 730 00 69

  • - 5 diet meals delivered for each day
  • - diet composed by qualified nutritionists
  • - modern packaging system which guarantees the freshness
  • - packaging adapted for heating in the microwave
  • - tasty dishes prepared by a professional team of chefs
  • - food safety provided by HACCP system
  • - flexibility to decide which days you want to receive meals
  • - access to our nutritionists
  • - convenient delivery straight to your door

Diet home delivery

Diet deliver hours are 4.00 - 12.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
On Monday we realize delivery of diet on Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday delivered diet on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday we realize delivery of diet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We deliver outside the designated zones. When your address is outside the free delivery zone - please contact us. The cost of such delivery will be determined individually.