Thermal bag and cutlery –

A box diet is a perfect solution for everyone who do not want to spend long hours cooking and preparing meals. We have decided to make our diet even more convenient for you! We have designed a comfy thermal bag and practical, hygienic set of cutlery in a case. Check, why it is worthy to choose our dietary catering accessories.

Thermal bag –


Thermal bag for dietary catering:



A set of cutlery in a case –

A set of cutlery:



Accessories to WygodnaDieta dietary catering are stylish accessories which make eating your meals more enjoyable! We are offering you a comfy, capacious, and practical thermal bag which will be useful during the deliveries and transportation of meals. Not only your meals will fit into the bag but also other small items such as cutlery, keys or a mobile phone. Order a thermal bag when using the catering services by, and we will deliver your first set of meals in it. Every evening leave your bag in a set place so that our courier could put your meals in it. By doing so, the meals will maintain the appropriate temperature from the moment of the delivery until the collection of the set. 

Cutlery by is a gadget you should carry everywhere with you!  Comfy and hygienic set in a case will allow you to eat your meals ourside home. It perfectly fits into the pocket of the thermal bag. Thanks to the stainless steel you don't have to use the plastic spoon, knife or a fork. Our set of cutlery is a perfect solution for everyone who appreciate eco life style. 

You can buy our accessories during filling the order in the online shop or via phone. If you are already using our catering service but would like to buy such bag or a set of cutlery, contact our Customer Service Centre under the number +48 (22) 730 00 69. The accessories will be delivered together with your meals. A single cost of a bag is 79 PLN, and the utensils - 29 PLN.

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