Easy-to-digest box diet

1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500 kcal

The easy-to-digest box diet designed for your health and comfort. 
Balanced, easily digestible menu especially recommended for people struggling with digestive problems, seniors and those recovering from certain surgeries and procedures.

Try it out to feel light every day!

diversed menu

composed by a nutritionist

only mild spices

Sample menu


Banana bread, raspberry yogurt, cornflakes with expanded spelt and dark chocolate chips

Second Breakfast

Cream of tomatoes with basil and toast


Steamed Limanda with light dill sauce, pearl couscous, roasted pumpkin with herbs

Afternoon snack

Carob pralines with mango mousse


Potato dumplings in spinach sauce with turkey, salad with roasted beet and light herb dip

Sample menu - easy-to-digest

Cottage cheese with dill, slices of poultry ham, ciabatta, butter.
Second breakfast
Yogurt-cinnamon muffins
Stew with cod, zucchini and tomatoes, jasmine rice with parsley.
Afternoon snack
Fruit kissel
Salad with couscous, vegetables and mint dip
Banana bread with lactose-free plain yogurt and apple mousse
Second breakfast
Frittata with spinach
Pork tenderloin with gravy, barley groats, steamed baby carrots
Afternoon snack
Farina pudding with peach mousse
Paella with chicken, zucchini, tomatoes and parsley
Cinnamon oatmeal with baked fruit, berry jam and expanded amaranth
Second breakfast
Vegetable soup with rice and turkey breast
Pappardelle with chicken and zucchini in parsley sauce
Afternoon snack
Salad with roasted beet, capri cheese and baby spinach
Lecho with hake, zucchini, tomatoes and carrots, bun
Rolls of poultry ham with delicate dill gzik, wheat bun.
Second breakfast
Baked pancakes with lactose-free blueberry yogurt
Turkey meatballs with tomato and dill sauce, quinoa, steamed carrots Mercado De Paris
Afternoon snack
Raspberry fondant
Potato dumplings in spinach sauce
Vegetable pie, ciabatta, beet paste
Second breakfast
Buckwheat disks with banana cheese
Steamed limanda with light dill sauce, couscous, roasted pumpkin with herbs
Afternoon snack
Cottage cheese and carob pralines with field berry mousse
Pancake with potato and cottage cheese stuffing and herb sauce
Spicy muffins with fruit mousse and cottage cheese
Second breakfast
Salad with roasted pumpkin, mozzarella light and baby spinach, bun
Kung Pao chicken with zucchini, rice noodles, endive and carrot salad
Afternoon snack
Panna cotta with blueberry mousse
Baked zucchini pancakes with yogurt and herb sauce
Omelet with poultry ham, tomato-basil dip, crisp bread
Second breakfast
Barley soup with poultry meat, potatoes and carrots
Turkey chops in herb sauce, potato purée, beets
Afternoon snack
Cream pudding with raspberry jam
Homemade fish paprikash, bun
In the menu you can find
lean meat and fish, eggs
selected fruits and vegetables
low-fat dairy products with a limited amount of lactose
easily digestible cereal products
mild spices and herbs
In the menu you can find
lean meat and fish, eggs
selected fruits and vegetables
low-fat dairy products with a limited amount of lactose
easily digestible cereal products
mild spices and herbs
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Easy-To-Digest box diet – diet catering

Discover an easily digestible box diet, created with your health and comfort in mind. Our easily digestible, balanced meals are ideal for those who want to take care of their gastrointestinal system health, while enjoying tasty and wholesome meals.

By opting for our easily digestible box diet, you can rest assured. You put your nutrition in the hands of experts - a staff of experienced nutritionists, food technologists and chefs.

If you're in custody of a doctor, make sure that the diet is in accordance with your individual recommendations before starting. 

All that's left for you to do is to make sure you are properly hydrated and you can stay relaxed.

Easy-To-Digest diet - what you will NOT find in this diet

  • fatty meat and dairy products, 
  • legume seeds (beans, broad beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.),   
  • coarse-grained groats, 
  • whole-grain bread containing high amounts of dietary fiber
  • vegetables and fruits with skin,   
  • onions, garlic, leek and cabbage,
  • sweeteners such as xylitol or erythritol,
  • spicy seasonings and sauces,
  • deep-fried products

In a nutshell, hard-to-digest, bloating, deep-fried foods and spicy seasonings, which can act as irritants and cause digestive discomfort, have been eliminated.

Easily digestible dishes - so what kind?

In addition to eliminating many products that, due to their composition, can cause digestive discomfort, when preparing easily digestible dishes you need to pay special attention to the method of thermal processing. 

Therefore, in our boxed easy-to-digest diet you will not find deep-fried dishes

Expect instead dishes cooked (in water or steam), stewed, roasted or properly grilled.

Appropriately selected fruits and vegetables will most often appear in the form of mousses, purées, boiled or roasted.

Easy to digest diet - for who?

The easy-to-digest diet is a perfect solution for people who want to take care of their health and well-being. It is highly recommended for:

  • People with digestive problems: relief for the stomach and intestines thanks to light, easily digestible meals.
  • Individuals recovering from certain surgeries: it helps the body's recovery and speeds up the recovery.
  • Seniors: nourishing, soft meals that provide essential nutrients.

The easy-to-digest box diet - benefits of use

  • Easy digestion: specially composed meals support digestive health and make you feel light.
  • Balanced nutrition: carefully selected proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrates for full energy and well-being.
  • Convenience: ready-made meals delivered right at your door, saving you a lot of time that you would have spent planning, shopping and cooking.
  • Freshness and quality: we use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and nutritional value.
  • Weight management: the diet helps you maintain a healthy weight with controlled portions and appropriate calories, which is especially important if you have limited ability to engage in physical activity, such as after surgery.
  • Dietary support: our dietitians are always ready to help and advise you on nutritional issues.

An easy-to-digest diet after certain surgeries - why?

An easy-to-digest diet is a key element in the recovery process after certain surgical operations and other procedures. Here are the main reasons why it is recommended:

  • Ease of digestion: easily digestible meals minimize the burden on the digestive system.
  • Reduced risk of complications: soft food helps prevent digestive problems such as bloating and diarrhea, which can complicate the healing process.
  • Faster recovery: easily digestible foods provide essential nutrients, supporting tissue regeneration and speeding up recovery.
  • Less body stress: avoiding heavy and fatty foods reduces the risk of inflammation and stress on the liver.
  • Improved well-being: easily digestible meals promote overall well-being, helping you return to normal activity and comfort faster.

By choosing an easily digestible diet, you are supporting your body to recover quickly and effectively.

Remember that the recommendations of your doctor or nutritionist are always paramount. The easy-to-digest diet we propose may not meet them.

What else besides an easy-to-digest diet to feel good?

1. Ensure that you stay properly hydrated. 
Recommended drinks in an easy-to-digest diet are:

  • still water
  • weak infusion of green, black or fruit tea
  • herbal brews
  • light vegetable broth
  • cereal and decaffeinated coffee 
  • compotes
  • vegetable drinks with no sugar added

Unrecommended drinks in an easy-to-digest diet:

  • coffee 
  • alcohol
  • sparkling water
  • flavored "water"
  • drinks sweetened with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or fructose
  • energy drinks

2. Avoid stress, use relaxation methods

Stress has a major impact on the functioning of the whole body, including the condition of the digestive system. By avoiding stressful situations and using proper relaxation techniques, you also take care of the condition of the digestive system.

3. Give up smoking tobacco

Smoking has a devastating effect on the entire body, also leading to diseases of the digestive system.

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Why the box diet?

Saving time
Thanks to the everyday deliveries of fresly prepared meals you will spend less time on doing the groceries, planning, and cooking meals.
Improved well-being
All our diets have necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Eating such meals is a guranatee of improved well-being and increased level of energy.
Health improvement
The dishes are planned by dieticians and provide all necessary nutrients, thanks to this you will lose weight ina healthy way and without yo-yo dieting.
Diverse menu
Our diets create an opportunity of tasting dishes from different sides of the world, both sweet and savory. The sets are full of Italian, Thai, Japanese, Polish cuisines and many other.
Comfort and flexibility
During the period of the order you can change the type and calorie value of the diet, address and dates of the delivery. In our offer you can find more than 10 diets in many calorie value options and thanks to which you can surely find something for yourself.

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