Diet catering Tarnow – free delivery zone

Free delivery to over 2500 locations in Poland. Check if we deliver our diets to your place. 

Advantages of the delivery
comfortable delivery on specific time
optimized delivery roots
refrigerated transportation

Each set of meals is delivered with a refrigerated transport thanks to which our dishes stay super fresh.

box diet in Tarnów - sample menu

Diet catering Tarnow

Are you looking for a good way to start a healthier lifestyle, but don't have time to cook and shop? We offer dietetic catering in Tarnow and its surrounding area with free delivery in selected places. This is a great option to start eating healthily without having to prepare your meals. The diet with delivery in Tarnow includes many interesting, balanced diets. The menu includes a fish-free diet, a low GI diet, a gluten-free diet, a vegan diet, a diet for athletes and a low-calorie diet. The diets are available in different caloric options, determined by dietitians, which total the range of 1000-4000 kcal.

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The one that suits you best.
Choose a box diet perfect for you.

low-calorie box diet
from 57.90 PLN per a day
Low calorie

Perfect for everyone who would like to lose weight or work on their new eating habits. Our most diverse diet does not exclude any groups of products. 

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Low calorie diet
ketogenic box diet
from 64.90 PLN per a day

Low carb diet for people who would like to lose weight quickly. It is based on animal and plant fat and dairy products. 

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Ketogenic diet
low GI diet
from 62.90 PLN per a day
Low gi

For people suffering from insulin resistance. It helps in maintaining the appropriate level of glucose in blood. It is recommended for reducing the monosaccharides in the diet.

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Low-glycemic diet
vegetarian box diet
from 57.90 PLN per a day

For people who do not eat meat. A balanced and diverse diet without meat and fish. The source of protein in this diet is legumes, eggs, and dairy products.

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Vegetarian diet
pescovegetarian box diet
from 59.90 PLN per a day
Vegetarian + fish

For people who do not eat meat but would like to add fish to their diet. This diet is based on vegetables, healthy cereal products, fish, dairy products, and fruit. 

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Vegetarian + fish diet
vegan box diet
from 62.90 PLN per a day

For people on plant-based diet. A balanced diet without animal products. It is composed of vegetables, legumes, cereal products, fruit, and nuts. 

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Vegan diet
gluten-free box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day

For people with a reduced tolerance for gluten. Helpful in case of some autoimmune diseases.

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Gluten-free diet
no-fish box diet
from 57.90 PLN per a day
No fish

Suitable for people who do not eat fish and sea food on daily basis. The base for this diet is vegetables, healthy cereal products, low fat meat, dairy products and fruit.

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No-fish diet
sport box diet
from 69.90 PLN per a day

For physically active people who are willing to gain muscles. Balanced meals with the increased amount of protein and a limited amount of monosaccharides.

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Sport diet
diabetic box diet
from 62.90 PLN per a day

For people suffering from type II diabeties. 

This diet is based on low and medium GI products.


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Diabetic diet
lactose-free box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day

For people with lactose intolerance. In the menu you can find lactose free dairy products and plant-based alternatives. It will be suitable for people suffering from enteritis. 

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Lactose-free diet
gluten and lactose free box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day
Gluten and lactose-free

For people with a reduced tolerance for gluten and lactose. Gluten and lactose are restricted on the menu. It is helpful in treatment of autoimmune diseases. 

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Gluten and lactose-free
gluten and dairy free box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day
Gluten and dairy free

Suitable for people with a reduced tolerance for gluten and allergy to mil protein. Dairy products and eggs are excluded from the menu. Gluten is restricted. 

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Gluten and dairy free diet
dairy free box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day

For people who would like to eliminate dairy products and eggs from their diet. It soothes the symptoms of food sensitivities, positively influences the hormonal balance and skin. 

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anti-cellulite box diet
from 67.90 PLN per a day

This diet helps to dispose of the excess water from the organism. It reduces the monosaccharides, accelerate the metabolism and reduction of the cellulite. 

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Anti-cellulite diet
box diet voucher
from 0.00 PLN per a day

Present someone with time, taste, and good health! You can order each and every diet in a form of gift voucher for a specific diet or amount of money. 

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Gift voucher

Why the box diet?

Saving time
Thanks to the everyday deliveries of fresly prepared meals you will spend less time on doing the groceries, planning, and cooking meals.
Improved well-being
All our diets have necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Eating such meals is a guranatee of improved well-being and increased level of energy.
Health improvement
The dishes are planned by dieticians and provide all necessary nutrients, thanks to this you will lose weight ina healthy way and without yo-yo dieting.
Diverse menu
Our diets create an opportunity of tasting dishes from different sides of the world, both sweet and savory. The sets are full of Italian, Thai, Japanese, Polish cuisines and many other.
Comfort and flexibility
During the period of the order you can change the type and calorie value of the diet, address and dates of the delivery. In our offer you can find more than 10 diets in many calorie value options and thanks to which you can surely find something for yourself.

Food security - HACCP certificate

Food security is our priority. We are aware that you expect tasty and healty dished and be sure that they are prepared with fresh ingredients/ products. 

In order to meet these expectations we have introduced and certified the food security system HACCP and we subject to audits conducted by DEKRA, world's leader in security.

Dietary catering in Tarnow – what is it?

With healthy food in Tarnow, you can choose any box diet, thanks to which you have the opportunity to eat healthy, receiving balanced, fresh meals every day, straight to the address indicated. How it's working? The dishes are prepared by specialized dietitians who always use fresh, good-quality products, creating a balanced menu with a high content of nutrients. The entire process of preparing meals takes place the day before in the afternoon, so that the next morning they reach you with a special refrigerated transport, thanks to which they will stay fresh for a long time.

All you have to do is choose the box diet in Tarnow from the options below:

Then you can choose one of the calorific options available for each option, and we will take care of the rest. We offer you the opportunity to switch to a healthy but also tasty diet, saving you the effort of preparing everyday meals.

Dietary catering in Tarnow – who is the offer addressed to?

The diet with delivery in Tarnow will surely attract the attention of all busy people who are looking for an alternative to quick, often unhealthy meals. When ordering a box diet in Tarnow, you focus on comfort with a healthy lifestyle. Our offer proves that you do not need to have time to cook to achieve your goals related to having a slim figure and health.

Not only hard-working people take advantage of the healthy eating options in Tarnow. Catering is also a great solution for people who want to lose weight, but do not have the appropriate knowledge of preparing healthy meals. The multitude of caloric variants means that everyone will find a suitable diet for themselves, and the possibility of choosing specialized diets, such as vegan or gluten-free, will meet the needs of even the most demanding people. in Tarnow – a box diet for you!

The box diet in Tarnow is a great option for healthy eating for everyone, regardless of age. All persons interested in receiving balanced meals, prepared by experienced nutritionists, can contact us via the order form, by e-mail or by phone. We are happy to answer all your questions. (we) use cookies and other similar technologies
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