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We offer you daily diet delivery straight to your door. Our suppliers work in the morning from Monday to Saturday. On Saturday you get a set meal on both Saturday and Sunday. With our company you can also count on flexible delivery times that will meet your requirements.

When you find that you do not live in a zone where we offer free delivery, please contact us. In this case, we will determine the possibility of delivering your order individually. 

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Catering Diet Catering Piotrkow Trybunalski

Wygodnadieta.pl is a professional diet catering company. For 13 years we have been providing healthy, balanced meals. Choosing a box diet Wygodnadieta.pl you can be sure that you will receive meals of the highest quality ingredients, prepared by professional chefs in a specialized kitchen. Nutritician carefully calculate diet box Piotrkow trybunalskimacro-ingredients, calories and nutritional values every day, and that is not all. Apart from the appropriate composition of dishes, their taste is extremely important for our experienced head-chef.

Box Diet Piotrkow Trybunalski

Diet catering Wygodnadieta.pl consists of 4 or 5 delicious meals every day delivered directly to your door. Our offer includes a dozen diets in many calorific values. Full offer with an exemplary menu you will find here. We encourage you to contact our dieticians by e-mail or phone. They will help in the proper selection of diet. 

Catering for diet Piotrkow Trybunalski

Wygodna dieta box diet is a guarantee of the highest quality meals. All our diets are diverse, balanced and contain the necessary nutritional values. The staff of dietetitians every day ensures that each dish complies with the highest standards of modern dietetics. Food safety is confirmed by HACCP certificate.
With us you can be sure that you eat fresh, natural, healthy and tasty meals. Order and enjoy your taste while saving time.


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