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low-calorie box diet
from 58.90 PLN per a day
Low calorie

Perfect for everyone who would like to lose weight or work on their new eating habits. Our most diverse diet does not exclude any groups of products. 

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Low calorie diet
ketogenic box diet
from 65.90 PLN per a day

Low carb diet for people who would like to lose weight quickly. It is based on animal and plant fat and dairy products. 

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Ketogenic diet
low GI diet
from 63.90 PLN per a day
Low gi

For people suffering from insulin resistance. It helps in maintaining the appropriate level of glucose in blood. It is recommended for reducing the monosaccharides in the diet.

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Low-glycemic diet
vegetarian box diet
from 58.90 PLN per a day

For people who do not eat meat. A balanced and diverse diet without meat and fish. The source of protein in this diet is legumes, eggs, and dairy products.

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Vegetarian diet
pescovegetarian box diet
from 60.90 PLN per a day
Vegetarian + fish

For people who do not eat meat but would like to add fish to their diet. This diet is based on vegetables, healthy cereal products, fish, dairy products, and fruit. 

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Vegetarian + fish diet
vegan box diet
from 63.90 PLN per a day

For people on plant-based diet. A balanced diet without animal products. It is composed of vegetables, legumes, cereal products, fruit, and nuts. 

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Vegan diet
gluten-free box diet
from 61.90 PLN per a day

For people with a reduced tolerance for gluten. Helpful in case of some autoimmune diseases.

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Gluten-free diet
no-fish box diet
from 58.90 PLN per a day
No fish

Suitable for people who do not eat fish and sea food on daily basis. The base for this diet is vegetables, healthy cereal products, low fat meat, dairy products and fruit.

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No-fish diet
sport box diet
from 73.90 PLN per a day

For physically active people who are willing to gain muscles. Balanced meals with the increased amount of protein and a limited amount of monosaccharides.

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Sport diet
diabetic box diet
from 63.90 PLN per a day

For people suffering from type II diabeties. 

This diet is based on low and medium GI products.


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Diabetic diet
lactose-free box diet
from 61.90 PLN per a day

For people with lactose intolerance. In the menu you can find lactose free dairy products and plant-based alternatives. It will be suitable for people suffering from enteritis. 

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Lactose-free diet
gluten and lactose free box diet
from 61.90 PLN per a day
Gluten and lactose-free

For people with a reduced tolerance for gluten and lactose. Gluten and lactose are restricted on the menu. It is helpful in treatment of autoimmune diseases. 

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Gluten and lactose-free
gluten and dairy free box diet
from 61.90 PLN per a day
Gluten and dairy free

Suitable for people with a reduced tolerance for gluten and allergy to mil protein. Dairy products and eggs are excluded from the menu. Gluten is restricted. 

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Gluten and dairy free diet
dairy free box diet
from 61.90 PLN per a day

For people who would like to eliminate dairy products and eggs from their diet. It soothes the symptoms of food sensitivities, positively influences the hormonal balance and skin. 

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anti-cellulite box diet
from 69.90 PLN per a day

This diet helps to dispose of the excess water from the organism. It reduces the monosaccharides, accelerate the metabolism and reduction of the cellulite. 

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Anti-cellulite diet
box diet voucher
from 0.00 PLN per a day

Present someone with time, taste, and good health! You can order each and every diet in a form of gift voucher for a specific diet or amount of money. 

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Gift voucher

Our clients' opinions

Monika Kołakowska

A slim figure depends on physical activity and an adequate caloric content of meals. Wygodna Dieta is a proven and safe way to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Magda Steczkowska

Finally, I don't have to get up with the thought: "What am I going to cook today?". The varied and delicious menu surprises me with its original taste. I have a lot of time to myself now.

Krystyna Janda

With my type of lifestyle and responsibilities, which result from my work in two theatres, being actress and head of a foundation, diet catering is a facilitation.

Angelika Mucha is comfortable solution, which let you save time. I recommend it to busy people, who appreciate the quality of meals.

Justyna Żak

Wygodna Dieta has options for everyone, including vegans! The meals are always fresh, healthy and tasty. Such a cooking holiday is sometimes useful to everyone!

Anita Szydłowska

I have already used other caterers, but I like Wygodna Dieta the most. The meals are very varied, with lots of vegetables and fruits, all fresh.

Małgorzata Heretyk-Musiał

The best catering we've had so far. We are impressed – even though it is a low calorie diet, we are full. We like Wygodna Dieta!

Ernest Musiał

I have dealt with many caterers that have disappointed me. Wygodna Dieta has no flaws. The diet is filling, well-seasoned, and I'm in love with dips.

Paulina Kuczyńska

For several years, I have been using only Wygodna Dieta catering, because meals are always varied and products are always fresh.

Marcin Kwaśny

I truly recommend catering from my heart, because food is always fresh, tasty and varied. You won’t regret!

Joanna Mazur

I’ll do my best on my running truck. Thank to Wygodna Dieta I know, that meals meet the needs of my budy and give me strength to next trainings. (we) use cookies and other similar technologies
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