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How does Diet Catering work

WygodnaDieta.pl provides tasty, healthy and nutritional meals directly to your door. Each day diet contains a five balanced meals composed by professional dieticians. Dishes make with the highest quality ingredients are prepared by experienced chefs. Diet menus are provided with refrigerated transport directly to you at the appointed time.

Choose one of our diet plans.
Order your meals conveniently online
Meals are delivered to you in the morning.
All you need to do is enjoy your meals and lose pounds!

Choose diet

You choose one of the offered low-calorie diets: 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2200, 2500 kcal in the low-calorie, vegetarian, veretarian + fish or no fish version. You can also choose one of the specialized diets: gluten-free, lactose-free, low GI, Diabetic or Anti-cellulite. Check out our sample menu.

Remember! You can always call our nutritionist and tell us about the goals you want to achieve, your preferences, your habits and lifestyle, so that we can also advise you on your proper, balanced and varied diet. Professional nutritionists are at your disposal.

You order meals

Fill in order form or place a phone order. Consultants figure out with you the details of the order, delivery and payment method. After defining the details you will receive an e-mail confirming the order. The consultants offer you help also in case of any changes in order realization. After placing your order you make payments by bank transfer. There is also the option of paying by cash on the first day of delivery.

We deliver

Kitchen holds a valid certificate of HACCP prepare the meals according to your order. Meals are prepared by professional chefs under the guidance of an experienced chef. For the preparation of dishes we use fresh ingredients delivered by reliable suppliers. Tight packing your dishes provide a modern, technologically advanced packaging machines. This ensures that we are preparing the best quality products. Food safety is our priority.

Execution of the contract begins in accordance with the order confirmation sent by e-mail. Every morning we deliver dietary supply kit consisting of five meals: breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, afternoon snack and supper. Diet Kits are delivered to you by a dedicated refrigerated transport courier. On the free delivery tab check the delivery areas and the possibilities. Delivered meals are ready to eat immediately, or after heating. Sealed package in which the meals are packaged can be heated in the microwave after removing the top layer of the transparent foil.

You eat only delivered meals, do not snack between meals, you are following our advice and... you lose weight.

Drop the excess weight while eating delicious, comfy and healthy. You get more free time without cooking and shopping. Health and well-being on a daily basis goes hand in hand with a proper diet. The only thing you additionally need is water or tea (preferably green).

See how tasty can be the slimming with WygodnaDieta.pl

Order now!

WygodnaDieta.pl dietary catering allows you not only to lose the excess weight, but it is also the basis of a healthy and balanced daily diet.